Fraternity Gathering June 11, 2023

1:00p.m. Prayer: Liturgy of the Hours &
Ritual of the Secular Franciscan Order Book – pg. 35.

1:20p.m. Ongoing Formation: Reflection of St. Francis by Talbot.
Please read & be prepared to discuss from page 8 to 16.

2:00p.m. J.P.I.C. Read, Pray, Reflect & be prepared to discuss an article
you have read or an example in your life on a Justice, Peace, & the
Integrity of Creation topic.

2:15p.m. Social Time/Check-in.

2:45p.m. Fraternity Business
1. Angela & Cliff eligible for candidacy.
2. Birthdays – Linda, 6/15, Marie, 6/16, & Muriel, 7/3.
3. Next Gathering – July 9th.

2:55p.m. Closing Prayer, pg. 36.